Consistency and authenticity are the pillars of a successful Twitter account, which will help you create awareness for your brand and even grow your sales!

Cephhi is a virtual assistant specially design to help you share your work thoughtfully, thus avoiding making your account look like a bot.

How it works?

Add your works

We'll ask you for information about each of your works: Links for different products, related hashtags and tweet ideas like "Check out this cute puppy!"


Setup your time frames

Choose at what time you'll like your tweets to be published.


Sit and relax

Cephhi will pick one work to publish at your specified time frame. For each tweet the assistant will choose 1 link, 1 tweet idea and a few hashtags


Cephhi will learn from the information you provide about your work and it'll regularly generate tweets for you.

Time saver

Tweeting your content regularly is a monotonous and time-consuming job. We'll do it for you so you can take care of creating more amazing content.


We all want to share our content, but nobody appreciates spam. Cephhi makes sure to share your work automatically without spamming your audience.


Your tweets will be published at different hours, always between a time frame specified by you. This will help you reach various audiences while making your account feel more authentic.

Let Cephhi take care of the monotonous work and focus on what you love!

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